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Полтава — перлина України,
її історична і духовна скарбниця —
місто, в якому хочеться жити.

City of Poltava

Poltava is the center of the region of the same name.

Whereabouts: in latitude 49° 00` 36`` North, in longitude 34° 00` 33`` East. Area: 103,5 km2.

The city is situated in the Eastern part of Poltava region on both banks of the Vorskla river. It is one of the biggest industrial and cultural centers of the left-bank of Prydniprovye region. Poltava lies in the bounds of the Great East-European Plain, on the flat Poltava Plateau and its rapid river slope. The West Part of the town, the larger one, is situated on the comparatively high (150–159 m / 492–522 ft above sea level) Plateau, divided near the Vorskla Valley by relatively deep gullies into a series of flat topped projections (Monastyrsky, Instytutsky, Kobyshchansky, Ivanova Gora). The East Part of the city, the smaller one (Podil, Levada, Dublyanshchyna), is situated on the floodplain and partially on the first terrace of the Vorskla river. Here absolute height ranging from 78m to 100 m (from 256 to 328 ft) above sea level predominates.

The geographical position of Poltava in the bounds of North Temperate Zone defines the features of its continental climate. Average summer temperature is 20,5 °C (68,9°F), average winter temperature is – 7,0°C (19,4°F). Annual precipitation is 525 mm (20,7 inches). The length of the non-frost period is 174 days.

For the western suburbs of the city Chernozemic (Black Earth) and gray forest soils are typical, for the eastern one – turf and podzolic soils. Green plantations occupy more than 1/5 part of the city's area.

Poltava is a city, where human population density is 3000 per km2. Approximately 87 per cent of the citizens are Ukrainians.

Industrial branch of Poltava unites 11 main types of activity: energetic material extraction, food industry and agricultural products processing, light industry, wood industry, pulp and paper, poligraphic industry, publishing trade, chemical and oil industry, non-metal mineral production (building materials, grass), metallurgy, engine building, energy, gas and water production and allotment, et cetera.

For educational purposes, there are 54 secondary and 54 pre-school state and private educational establishments in Poltava. Here one can find 3 secondary schools and 9 pre-school educational establishments for handicapped children, 13 institutions for the gifted youth.

37 cultural organizations are functioning in the city, among them – 5 museums, 5 schools of aesthetic education, 3 clubs, 16 libraries, 3 cinemas, Palace Entertainment Lystopad, City House of Culture, City Park Peremoga, City Brass Band Poltava. The main goal of the above mentioned establishments is to promote and encourage folk traditions, spiritual culture, national values, and to ensure aesthetic education of the following generation.

Among the personalities who define the cultural profile of Poltava one must mention, first of all, such writers as Ivan Kotlyarevsky, Panas Myrny, Volodymyr Korolenko, artists Mykola Jaroshenko, father and son the Myasoyedovs, scientists: mathematician Mykola Ostrogradsky, doctor Mykola Sklifosovsky, Yurii Kondratyuk (O. Shargei) and many others who glorified Poltava with their creative work in different fields of human endeavour.

Useful contacts

Phone: +38 (0532) 56-43-44, 56-38-59, 56-29-47
Fax: +38 (0532) 56-28-15, 56-44-56
E-mail: cancelar@rada-poltava.gov.ua

Website «Tourist Poltava»

Visit «Tourist Poltava» to see the detailed list of tourist objects of the city, to watch many beautiful pictures of Poltava, to learn how to visit the city and where to stop.

Tourist Poltava
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